Tresspass Fee

Thank you for your interest in the hunt Tresspass fee option from East2West Hunts. Unfortunately, at this time I do not have any open date options. Please stay tuned to my page for any openings due to last minute cancellations. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please shoot me a note at or call 720.248.7181.



Where are the tresspass lands located? All are in northern or central Michigan. 

How long do the dates run for? The dates are actually for 1 specific property for just a week long season and it will depend on the animal you are going to be hunting. Essentially you are paying to access the property without a guide being present and you will have free reign to hunt the property during that time limit.

What is the cost of the tresspass fees? 

Deer will typically run for 1 week around $500-$650.

Turkey will run $250 to $300. Detailed dates depending on the season will dictate the charge rates. At this time, I cannot give you a solid idea since everything has been accounted for.