E2W Rental FAQ

Why would I rent gear? Rentals are unique due to your ability to lower your costs while ensuring that you have the right equipment for any hunting season. Think about this, to purchase an entire KUIU kit for yourself, you could easily spend $2,000 to $3,000. You will have to factor in your own cost of wear and tear plus sometimes we just like to get new things. With gear rentals, you will not have to assume the added costs of updating your equipment or replacing it if damaged.

How does gear rental from E2W work? There are 2 options to equipment rental. Here is the way that they are broken down. Simple is the best way to put things.

  1. You can rent a E2W Hunter Box for the season you are hunting. Early Season Box, Peak Rut Box and Post Rut Box. These kits come with everything needed in one.
  2. You can select gear individually and piece your own kit together.

How does cost work? The gear we have is very costly. To manage overall costs we have an algorithm that puts together risk association and the necessary costs for wear and tear. Also, your cost includes shipping to you as well as shipping back to E2W hunts headquarters which isn’t cheap by any means.

Is there a deposit required? No, there is no deposit required. Once rental payment is made, we will contact you directly to ensure expectations are set and we collect any necessary information to ensure that the equipment will be sent back after your trip.

How does rental timeframe work? Please give us at least 4 days notice before your trip. You will need to pay the rental fee for the item at least 4 days prior so we can have enough time to send it to you. We give you 4 days from the last day of your trip to return the items without an extra charge.

Example: I am hunting from Sept 5-12. I placed an order on August 15th. My shipment will arrive sometime between Sept 1st-4th. I will hunt with it from Sept 5th-12th and then ship it out on the 13th. It should arrive by the 16th and be in the 4 day return window.

Should I clean the equipment? We prefer to clean our equipment so we know it is cleaned properly and to our standards. Please enjoy the rental, pack it up in the box it was sent to you and send it back with the shipping label we added in the box.

Can I place an order via email or phone? Yes, absolutely. Due to the complexity of the ordering process, it’s understood that it might be better to have some human contact for your order completion. Please email Alex@east2westhunts.com or call 720.248.7181 to place an order.