My name is Alex and I am a passionate hunter. I believe there is a natural tendency of curiosity from others to either learn more about hunting or find out more about where I go and how I hunt. I truly do enjoy helping people out with gear selection, tips, places to hunt, applying for tags and teaching others the ropes.

A little bit about me. I grew up in Michigan which is the mecca of hunting pressured whitetails. I also lived on the east coast where there are high deer densities and the deer hunting even comes to Urban areas with Urban hunting seasons. Once I moved out west I had to change hunting styles. The life of tree stands to high mountain peaks with glassing for days has many different requirements to be successful. With the experience of hunting all over the country, the decision to create East2West Hunts became a reality. My goal was to create a way to share my personal stories, success, thoughts, tips and strategies with others on a broader scale. I also wanted to bring some simple options to get gear in the hands of others as we share and support the hunting community.

Here are goals that I have set out to accomplish.

  1. To get more hunters in the field and grow the outdoors lifestyle in this country so we can ensure the long term success of our wildlife and our lands. This can be done through helping others get involved and also giving some simple options for others to get gear out in the field.
  2. To help hunters become more successful in the field. This comes from information and content catered to the outdoorsman.

I thank you in advance for any and all support that you give East2West Hunts. All of your support to the business will continue to be reinvested into the company which will allow for brand growth via great content, amazing service and continuously innovative clothing to both personal and rental lines.

Scout, Hunt, Repeat

Thank you,


Contact Points

Email: Alex@east2westhunts.com

Instagram: @alex_e2whunts






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