Would You Give Away Great Hunting Info?


Every year, come May and June, hunters from all over find out what tags they have drawn for the upcoming fall season. Some hunters go to the same spot in the same unit annually while others hunt completely different states.

I think there is something to say for knowing where you are hunting and to have the comforts of knowledge or area overall. While that is great and dandy, I can speak for just my own opinion when I say that I enjoy the adventure of new areas.

There are 2 schools of thought out there.

1. You are way better off out there hunting the same area knowing every inch of the same unit because that knowledge and experience are vital to be successful.

2. You can rely on technology and advice from others to get as much info as possible and then you can have a longer term plan to hit multiple states and or areas for hunting.

I personally have to say I am a mix of both but if I had to choose one, I am #2 all day. I have a long term plan of where I want to hunt and what I’d like to hunt but since I’m playing the lottery for the most part, I am opting for a fall back plan which is hunting an area closer to home and an area I know better than most.

This year, I drew a mule deer buck tag and a bull elk tag for the same unit that have coinciding seasons. I am one lucky dude! With that said, every year I reach out to other hunters that I know drew the same unit tag from prior years from a hunting service I use. When calling these other hunters, I notice a very detailed answer from everyone and they all are valid bits of info. I’ve used the info year after year depending on where I’ve hunted and it’s been golden.

So why do they share the information?

Here are a few reasons.

  • They don’t live in that state. This means they likely won’t be drawing that area soon again, if ever. Why would they care if they give out good info.
  • They are passionate and enjoy seeing someone else be successful.
  • They had a rough experience figuring out the information on their hunt and want to make sure others don’t have to if they are passionate big game hunters like themselves.

I personally have always given the info out if I knew I’d never be hunting there again or if I never have planned on going back to that space. If I had a hunt this year in an area where others were going to be as well and they were asking questions, I wouldn’t be giving them much info because I don’t want company in the area I will be hitting.

I’ve also noticed hunting out east versus hunting out west is much different with information. Being on smaller tracts of whitetail land, there is much more competition per acre and nobody shares any information. If they do share anything, it’s a lie and we all know it. This mainly happens out east and in the midwest. I’ve seen much less of this happening once you hit the Dakotas and westward from there.

Now, if there is a true positive here, I’d have to say that hunters are very good people that appreciate others with the same interests. Big game out west needs alot of time and patience to get right and the extra help from others who have had boots on the ground certainly matters.

So now that you’ve thought about this a bit, would you share great info on a hunting area or unit?

Scout, Hunt, Repeat



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