How To Improve Your Muzzleloader Accuracy

When it comes to hunting, there are really 3 major weapons that someone can choose from to use for hunting big game. These 3 tools are Bows (Compound, Traditional, and now Crossbows), Muzzleloaders, and Rifles.

There are many different seasons that are out there as well. Majority of the seasons by each state will be Archery first, Muzzleloader second, and Rifle being third. Now, when I mention these seasons, I am not trying to get into the weeds on what states have early archery, late archery, and so on. The basic premise is that the earlier you hunt in the year, the more primitive the weapon you will be able to hunt with.

Many hunters feel that they will not be as successful with a more primitive option because of it’s shorter shooting range. There is some truth to this but there are also things more in your favor when it comes to other seasons and the more primitive options as well. Let’s be honest, there are pro’s and con’s to anything but what we are talking about today is how to many your muzzleloader more accurate.

You see, if you can hunt with a scope and muzzleloader, you are in a pretty good spot. What if you cannot hunt with a scope on your smoke pole? You are going to be subject to some cheap plastic sights that come on your muzzleloader from the factory. I personally think these are awful and they do not help you in shooting more than 75 yards. The reason for this is because those plastic sights are going to take up a large part of your target when you look at it from 75-150 yards. Due to the fact that your target is taken up this much in your target sight, it is very difficult to know exactly what sort of bullet drop you need to correlate to ensure you are spot on with your prey. Here is your solution and I promise you this will drastically increase your accuracy.

*I installed this on a CVA wolf and the parts used are specific to that muzzleloader. Please make sure you look at the sizing for your appropriate rifle. These pieces will fit other model but not every muzzleloader out there *

Installing a new sight

Here are the new products that you will need to reconfigure your muzzleloader.

Here are the installation instructions with pictures to give you some sightline to the steps. Please remember to use some Loctite to ensure your screws are held in place over time with your shooting.

1. Remove the rear sight off your current Muzzleloader.


2. Install the Williams CVA rear sight. It is an easy screw in that should be put on your back 2 furthest hole options on your rifle.


3. Add the front ramp to the front of the rifle.


4. Take your choice of Shaver insert out of the insert card and put into the globe insert. The globe unscrews and the insert goes right into it. Just retighten and then place on the ramp.



5. Put the front globe on the ramp and tighten.


This is a great setup that can drastically increase your accuracy in the field. I hope that this can bring you some better tags, more comfort in the field and the ability to down a big buck. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below or contact me via Facebook or Instagram.

Scout, Hunt, Repeat

Alex Gruin


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