Suppressors good for hunting?

deer through bino

As I was pulling my bow back at the range the other day, I could hear the conversation over my right shoulder from two gentlemen that had a difference of opinions on what should and shouldn’t be legal. One was a hunter who had his own property and saw his own viewpoints because of what he felt was right for his property. The other was a park ranger who had viewpoints on the “other side.” As I listened, I couldn’t help but think to myself if I agreed or disagreed and with whom I sided. It almost felt like a presidential debate that I was watching just nights before from the Democrats and Republicans.

Suppressors were the conversation that really started from the conversation of how people like to bow hunt because of how quiet it is and how it can be done in more urban environments. The Private property owner, let’s call him Johnny, kept talking about how he loves to hunt with a bow and wouldn’t allow hunters to be on his property unless they were bow hunting or utilizing a suppressor on their guns because of how much better that would be for his neighboring property owners to not interfere.

The other guy, let’s call him Walter, was agreeing that a suppressor is quiet but that it is also the worst thing ever because of how it could cause poaching on private and public land to be unheard. He basically was saying that he would be deemed useless as a park ranger and other neighboring authorities would be as well because the chance of them being notified or hearing things happen would be dismal. There are without a doubt, great pro’s to hunting with a suppressor such as,

  • less recoil
  • better accuracy
  • no hearing loss
  • less impact on neighboring properties
  • less impact on disturbing game animals
  • varmint hunting can be done with multiple shots and nobody is freaking out!

There are also a couple things that suppressors are not good for which are counterintuitive to their pro’s.

  • If you are hunting in a public area, suppressors won’t alert others of your area and that could be a safety risk
  • Poaching will be very difficult to contain because you will have no idea what is occurring on your land or public land during other seasons


While I think the pro’s are very good, I personally do have a large concern with poachers because of how often we hear about the issues that keep occurring out on our lands. I know that if I was a landowner, I would be very upset if someone was trespassing and I just kept finding blood or dead animals without knowing what was going on.

Michigan just became the 38th state to allow hunting with a suppressor. There is a hefty tax to pay in order to get one that goes to uncle sam but if you do want one, it is possible to do so. If you don’t know what your state does or doesn’t allow, go ahead and look it up and you might be surprised.

The article about the Michigan Suppressor change from the NRA is below.

What are your thoughts?


Scout, Hunt, Repeat





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