Is Long Range Hunting Easy?

As I was applying for my points for Arizona yesterday, all I thought about was what weapon I would use this year for my hunting adventures. Personally, forecasting the future would be an amazing power but it’s not possible to know where I will be hunting yet this upcoming season. I do however believe Colorado will happen for Mule Deer and Elk and I will most likely continue to hunt in Virginia for whitetails. 

Whatever we all will be hunting, there is always a feud between the rifle vs the muzzleloader vs the shotgun vs the bow hunters and who is the best or most talented. I think everyone can agree there is a challenge with every hunting season, tag and weapon used but it’s all about what makes us happy in the end that truly matters. This is why the Facebook page today has a post asking what everyone’s favorite weapon is. East2westhunts/Facebook

Now here were my thoughts to connect about. Rifles are in my arsenal along with all the other weapons I mentioned earlier but a 100-200 yard shot truly doesn’t need a huskemaw scope or a super detailed rifle. On one of my elk hunts however, I remember a guide asking me if I could hit a 500 yard plus shot and like a macho man I said yes, of course. I then followed up by pulling out my box of ammo to see the bullet drop because I didn’t have it memorized. Needless to say, I never took that shot nor would I have actually taken that shot when it came down to it because looking through a 3-9×40 scope at 500+ yards is quite daunting. So knowing that, is it easier to hunt with a rifle or a long range rifle?

Here is the truth. I ended up shooting a long range rifle last year with the windage and elevation being controlled by turrets. The gun and scope were awesome but there is a major problem. The one thing that everyone forgets about is the range finder…..!

The scope and gun can be super perfect in every way but when it comes down to it, can your range finder even tell you the range past 500 yards? Most range finders say they can range up to 500,600,1000 yards but that is on a reflective object. Deer unfortunately are not reflective. This is one of the most difficult things with a long range hunt. Without the accurate range, everything else is deemed worthless. I had a heck of the time ranging an antelope and ended up guessing my shot and truly got lucky by something my rangefinder hit that was close to the animal I was hunting. The other point is make is that one small twitch, jerk or breath could cause your bullet to move a foot in any direction which would yield a miss. So is it easier? I don’t think so. 

This year will be a year of mastering another challenge and that will be to put together my own long range rifle and attempt to fill my tags and freezer from far away. 

So what is your challenge this year?
Scout, Hunt, Repeat
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