Day 2 and 3 in the Missouri books…..

Day 2 started right where day 1 left off. I sat in the exact same stand where I ended the night. I had some action the evening of night one and from what I knew, nobody else had hunted the same stand which was good for me!

The second morning action was great! I ended up seeing 3 bucks, with one being a shooter from about 150 yards away. I had about 7 does come through as well and it was an all morning long action scene. It literally didn’t stop until 11am when I had a buck bed down from me about 60 yards.

I ended up getting out of the tree and walking out closer to noon and got back to camp around 12:30. The next part that comes up was somewhat a stunner to say the least.

I get back to camp while all the guys are shooting the daily talk. The immediate question when someone comes back to camp is, “so what did you see?” I responded by telling them the fun I saw and then they all proceeded to tell me their awful story of barely seeing anything. I actually saw more deer in just my morning sit as 8 other guys saw combined!

So I seriously thought about this long and hard. It was clear that I was seeing deer, not only because of my spot. It was because I practice what I preach and am anal about my scent control. These guys get dressed in their gear in their house, drive out and smell up their clothes with diesel fumes from the truck, come back to camp with their clothes again, etc….

The scent control piece is a huge deal to me. I was shocked at the lack of scent control and or cover scents that were happening.

Day 2 in the evening, I sat in a different stand to catch the deer that were crossing in front of me where I sat in the earlier morning. There was a ridge and I kept seeing deer go towards that ridge. I didn’t realize there was a small pond back there. I ended up having 2 bucks and doe come in but nothing special. Day 2 was done!

Day 3 started off back in the same stand I had day 1 and 2 in the morning. I again saw 4 bucks and a doe. The monster 10 popped out and wouldn’t answer to anything. Instead his buddy the forky answered my snort wheeze and came to my stand on a string! Crazy. I ended up staying out until 11 or so and packed it out. Once I got to camp, I made an executive decision to pack up the bags and head north over to Illinois and hunt on some leases with monsters. My Uncle dropped a monster on day 1 with his bow and I was jealous!

I am in camp and ready to roll with what the morning brings! Stay tuned!


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