Missouri Day 1 in the books….


The anxious feeling came over me as it always does the night before the start of a hunting trip. I had just arrived in camp in Missouri last night around 8pm. It was a very quick arrival, unpacking and meeting the guys in camp before I met my bunk bed for the evening. I picked the top bunk and called it a nights.

I got up around 4am just so I could shower before everyone else decided to do the same thing. I quickly made breakfast, threw my clothes in my scent crusher bag and was out the door.  I can only laugh as I write this next part.

I had a stand that was down in a corner of a field. I couldn’t find the reflector that was supposedly right by this massive oak tree. I decided to jump the fence that went along the property border and I began looking for my stand. About 20 minutes later I ended up going back the same way I came in until I could find the reflector I missed. It was an awful feeling of embarrassment, looking dumb and wasting valuable time while almost thinking it was a practical joke and someone took the stand out. Needless to say, I ended up finding the stand and making it in there before sunrise.

It was very quiet in the stand until roughly 8am. I suddenly saw 2 does bolt about 80 yards south of me. I couldn’t figure out where they came from and if they were getting chased by a buck. After waiting roughly 20 minutes, I let my rattle pack make some noise. I suddenly saw a nice 3 1/2 yr old buck come straight towards the field looking for the noise. I believe he was about 130 inch, 8 pointer. I saw him bolt towards the fence. I immediately grabbed my grunt tube and gave out a couple grunts. Unfortunately, that didn’t work and he busted across the field only to leave me thinking…. Would I have shot him? I think I would have but who knows!

That was pretty much all the action I saw the entire day. As I was wrapping up the night, all I could think about was how nice the morning sunrise was and how gorgeous the sunset looked today. I realize many people don’t think at all about how the world turns and the beauty that natures brings to life. The fast paced lifestyles nowadays have taken away the value that little things such as the sun and moon bring to our lives. I know and can appreciate the small details that make our lives great and it all starts with a new day tomorrow and a great evening that follows it.

I wish everyone luck this season and hope tomorrow is a great day for you in the stand.

Onto day #2 tomorrow!



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