Weather for BIG bucks

Rain, rain and more rain. I woke up this morning and it was very wet outside. It was one of those days that you turn to your buddy and say “All I want to do is sleep on this gloomy day.”

I couldn’t help but feel like it was fall but then I looked at the temperature and thought about how warm of a Halloween evening it was when I was trick or treating with my daughter. I immediately went onto my phone and searched “weather” to see what the forecast would hold.


Above you will see what I saw when I went on I couldn’t help but read the article with the big chart about the temperatures showing to be higher than normal in the early part of this November. My gut suddenly got that worried feeling as I have my Missouri “rut hunt” from Nov 7-11th. The worst thing to have is warm weather and especially warmer than average temps during the times that the rut should be in full swing.

According to their meteorologist, it states that we will be having a more than likely impact of La Niña in the west and El Niño in the east. The Midwest gets more of the El Niño impact as well.  If you are wondering what this means, essentially there are warmer or cooler currents that come through from the south america and the ocean. We will get El Niño and the warmer patterns during the dates that I will be hunting. So what exactly should you look for when you are hunting, especially during the great rut times?

  1. wundergroundI want to see barometric pressure rising. That is the exact case in the above picture of this forecast from A rising Barometric pressure means that the deer sense that they should be moving or feeding more due to changes in the weather. I believe this is great as we should see deer moving regardless since the bucks will be chasing does. If the does are feeding in the fields or on crop food sources, the bucks should be coming our in the open. Goodie!
  2. I prefer clear days. For some reason, gloomy days or overcast days have not shown much for me. I wish there was some scientific reason that I could pull out of my brain and tell you but all I can say is from my experience, cloudy days have not yielded the best results and that also shows on trail camera footage.
  3. I like to see the wind to be in between 10-15 MPH. This means there is a clear direction of where the wind is going and I can plan accordingly. I also believe the deer like to the wind a bit because they will know what direction to walk into and there is more comfort to move than on a very calm day with little wind movement.

Base on the weather forecast, I will have everything that I would like checked off my checklist. Colder temps, BP will be up, clear days and the wind will be in the 10-15mph range. I am really looking forward to the 7th-9th and I have high anticipation at this point that I could drop a big buck on those days.

**One side note that I would mention is that I go and look to see how the history is on the days I will be hunting based on average temperatures and what the forecast shows. Nov 7-9 are looking almost exact to averages which is a good thing to see. The 10th and 11th unfortunately are showing about 5-8 degrees above average. **

Go ahead and see what your BIG buck forecast is saying~

Happy Hunting everyone and have fun Scouting, Hunting and Repeating~



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