Pressure on private land…..?


Have you ever had extreme hunting pressure on private land? It is something I’ve recently experienced and it is an interesting take. I’ve hunted public land and seen hunters in orange every 50 yards but there was still a way to get away from them…. It’s called go deeper, walk further and stop being lazy. I have property that I choose to hunt on public land for Whitetails and it has been productive with somewhat low pressure. I decided to join a hunting club this year with 28-30 properties that have large ranges in property size. I’ve noticed the smaller property that is around 40 acres and nearby many homes had very thick cover and great travel corridors. I started putting cameras up in May and started seeing monsters on the property with about 8 cameras on all corners. I had decent expectations but slowly started to realize as the early archery season began to approach September, that guys were finally getting out to scout and things were going to change quickly!  Kind of late eh!?!?

Fast Forward to October. I went to check cameras this last weekend. I swapped 5 SD cards and was excited to see what showed up on camera. I was astonished to see every deer was nocturnal with only 2 daytime pics of deer in over 1 month. I had over 100 pictures of people, atv’s, and trucks running through this parcel. I guess I’m more astonished that guys didn’t do their homework and believe they will kill a big buck with terrible scouting and access operations. I’ve seen more pressure on private spots like this, compared to any public land I’ve hunted in the last 2 years.

So what is my point on all of this?

I’m changing my strategy at this point in time. I’m going to follow my instinct and travel further on private access properties, try and gain permission on properties that have no pressure at all and hit my known public spots that have proven successful in prior years. If you have been hunting anything like what I described and haven’t done your homework, you will be wasting your time. Could you imagine spending days at a time in the woods and not seeing 1 deer because the 18 other people last weekend just blew it all for you and everyone else for the next 3 months? Do your homework, scout, hunt and repeat….



2 thoughts on “Pressure on private land…..?

  1. I’m with ya Alex. One of your cameras caught me walking in to my stand just a few hours ago. I’m trying to scout as little as possible, but after a couple of sessions in a spot I’ve seen deer at in the past, I have to move on to some where new. I’ve spent a lot of tree time on that property and just when I start to get discouraged a little magic happens.

    I think that the rut will open up some new possibilities for us…but will also bring in a whole new batch of hunters. Fingers crossed and good luck!

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